Saturday 16 May 2015

1980: NUTTY Issue 2 (DC Thomson)

From February 1980: the second issue of NUTTY weekly.

The DC Thomson humor comic ran for 292 issues before merging, in September 1985, with the DANDY.  

The relatively swift failure was all the more surprising because Nutty featured BANANAMAN (clearly not initially the title's breakout star judging from his conspicuous absence on the cover) , the iconic spoof superhero who'd already graduated to his own BBC animated series (reuniting the vocal talents of the Goodies) in October 1983 (and, as per the BBC tradition, continued to be a regular fixture of the afternoon schedules for years to come). 

This issue continued the great British comics tradition of giving away spinners/ frisbees as freebies. 

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  1. BANANAMAN also appeared in the beano comic library as seen here:

    I have fond memories of reading these back in the day.


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