Thursday 21 May 2015


From January 1980: THE OFFICIAL METEOR MOVIE MAGAZINE, published by Warren.  

I must confess that I have never seen this Seventies Disaster Movie/ SF combo... although, from what i have heard, I doubt it is as spectacular as the magazine enthusiastically suggests.  Indeed, I understand it's more akin to a RAISE THE TITANIC stylee clunker.  

But... I have a copy of the movie on order... so I'll know for sure whether it's a Star Age disaster of a Disaster Movie. 

UPDATE: I finally managed to see the movie itself this morning and can happily report that it's a worthy addition to the Seventies Disaster Movie cycle and certainly no clunker.  The effects are a mixed bag (the plot-critical nuclear missiles look suspiciously like Airfix models), and I vaguely recall that the avalanche sequence (with a prominently-billed Sybil Danning) is lifted wholesale from a Corman flick, but it's still a good little romp.   


  1. I categorize Meteor alongside Independence Day and The Postman in that it's one of those films that the critics agreed we should all hate, but since the rise of the internet as a means of word-of-mouth between paying customers - as opposed to getting our consensus handed to us by professional snobs - such movies are few and far between. You know it's a brave new world when there are for-real articles about how great Batman & Robin was.

    I thought Meteor was okay, and can have it on the tv if there's nothing else on, but I know plenty of people who straight-out love Meteor, though I would add the caveat that they used to watch it during its rotation as a matinee feature on one of the four terrestrial channels available in the UK in the 1980s/1990s, so it could be nostalgia that informs their opinion.

  2. I think its more likely that these movies have aged very well and fans appreciate them more now. METEOR is a fine movie of its era with a good cast and a great score by Laurence Rosenthal.


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