Tuesday 26 May 2015


"Well hello ladies!  I remember these from THE WICKED LADY!"

From 1991: The fourth issue of Visual Imagination's long-running (and inspiration to several we-can-do-that-too wannabes) STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION OFFICIAL POSTER MAGAZINE.  

As I've mentioned before, the appeal of poster magazines (other than as a piece of Star Age nostalgia) has always eluded me so I didn't get any of these at the time.  I stumbled across this random issue recently and decided to add it to the vaults. 


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  2. yes I well remember her ' seduced by oliver tobias ' scene in that movie !

    the appeal of the ST:TNG poster mag also seemed to elude the owner of STARTECH, the usa mail order firm I bought from back in the 90's. He would rage about how he could never shift any copies and in the last catalog he ever sent me, he was practically giving them away, suggesting none too kindly that fans use them for firewood !

    slow, I don't suppose you have ' stumbled ' across any other Babylon 5 related mags, especially any fanzines...?

    1. Snigger! I imagine that somewhere, circa 1995, someone had a whole room (house?) wallpapered with copies of this magazine. Scantily clad aliens not withstanding, I often found ST:TNG visually quite dull so it wouldn't even be exciting wallpaper.

      It's a surprise that VI didn't do a bit of copyright-dodging brand-extension and launch a TV ZONE Poster Mag that wasn't themed around one particular show (and therefore, hopefully, not requiring any pesky licenses). It certainly would have played to the publisher's strength of running lots of pix and not a lot of text.

      I do recall they did publish MOVIE ICONS (or was it MOVIE IDOLS) which applied the same formula to actors and actresses.

      Hmmm... BABYLON FIVE magazines. There was, of course, the two-volume (the relaunch coincided with securing US distribution) magazine published by Titan. The timeline, which appeared towards the end of the run, was rather fun.

      I was a member of the UK Fan Club (who, I believe, were co-hosts of the Michael O'Hare event in London) and I still have (somewhere!) copies of THE FIVE TIMES, their DTP-published newsletter.

      There was also the rather excellent PHAROS PROJECT which I posted here many moons ago:


      I recall the gossipy DOCTOR WHO fanzine/ newsletter RUMORS used to cover the show. I'm not sure that I still have any copies.

      Not quite a fanzine but Bruce Boxleitner fronted the third edition of the video version of STARBURST. I suspect other cast members (Claudia Christian rings a bell) were interviewed for the other editions but it's a long time since I've seen any of them.

      And, of course, it was a reliable banker for DREAMWATCH, TV ZONE, STARLOG etc when they couldn't muster yet another X-FILES cover.

  3. yes it was MOVIE IDOLS, i have the one on daniel craig.

    You actually have copies of THE 5 TIMES ? Have you got the one with the lyta and the vorlon cover ? I would love to see some pages if you ever find them.

    I had the first starburst video but its gone awol.

    1. The issue of THE 5 TIMES certainly rings a bell. I think it was one of the later ones (although I'm not sure how long the club stayed in business so, in the grand scheme of things, it might not have been late in the overall run) and I'm sure I have a copy somewhere. Although unearthing it would be more luck than judgement.

      I should have also mentioned that CINEFANTASTIQUE magazine also used to publish excellent, and supremely detailed, year-in-review issues dedicated to each season (although I'm not sure if they ultimately covered all five) alongside similar issues dedicated to the various contemporary TREKs and THE X-FILES (of course).

  4. hopefully someday you will ' stumble ' upon it.

    CINEFANTASTIQUE is much missed. Sadly it went downhill after Fred Clarke, the publisher took his own life but in its heyday , the mags episode guides were second to none. Although i have most of those trek and x-files issues, i never got the double issue guide for babylon 5. The cover and some pages can be seen here:



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