Friday 15 May 2015

1983: LOOK-IN with E.T 3-D (ITV Publications)

From April 1983: LOOK-IN, and E.T, go 3-D!

IPC's EAGLE had already embarked, back in February and March, on a four-week 3-D binge and, no sooner had that promotion ended (with the issue dated 19 March), LOOK-IN followed fast behind with the issue on sale in the last week of the month.  

I've always loved the way the designer (and all the bods paid to tape the specs to the cover) incorporated the glasses into the cover's layout.  It's very effective and, ahem, eye-catching.  

Unlike the big E, Look-In restricted the 3-D material to the features pages, depriving weekly followers of the Bucks Fizz strip the chance to see their pop-tastic heroes rendered in an additional dimension. 

E.T was already approaching the first anniversary of the film's US release (11 June '82) but had only reached the UK the previous December and would have still been doing the rounds of British cinemas in March/ April. 


  1. Great to see you back posting, Slow! I've had a busy week and missed the start!


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