Tuesday 26 May 2015


From August 1987: The MARVEL UK House Ad for the two-volumes-and-we're-done THE TRANSFORMERS: THE (Far From Complete) WORKS.  

As mentioned in posts past, this was a two volume run of hardbacks that, despite their name, only actually compiled (in colour) the initial four-issue US limited series which introduced the giant robots and their universe (actually, at this point, Marvel Earth).  The same material (give-or-take) had already appeared in the ongoing series and the two 1985 Collected Comics editions.  

Whether Marvel had ever planned to extend this range further is unrecorded but it seems unlikely.  They even went as far as to commission a new final page of art that left the Autobots triumphant over their enemy. As anyone who remembers reading the shocking conclusion to the strip at the time, Marvel left the limited series on a cliffhanger by suddenly bringing (the daft looking) Shockwave (teased in earlier issues) into the battle and apparently annihilating the Autobots.  

For a long time, rumors circulated that this page had originally been prepared for the American editions but substituted pre-press, at the last minute, once the green light had been given to continue (after a hiatus) the series.  Although in makes a convincing case, the uncredited art doesn't match the rest of the book. 

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