Tuesday 19 May 2015


From 1994: the print ad promoting the launch of EARTH 2, the big-budget NBC space drama that - ahem - went nowhere.

This was, essentially, the old Western standby of a settler family battling against the odds to build a new life in essentially hostile territory.  The twist being that this was, of course, another world.

So far, so average.  And when I watched a couple of episodes way-back-when (it aired on either SKY ONE or the short-lived SKY TWO over here) I could find little to hook me in.  It was certainly less campy than LOST IN SPACE... but that didn't make it good fun.

The cast, however, had a few standouts.  The excellent Debrah Farentino (oh so good in the brilliant EZ STREETS) took the lead, beating ST: VOYAGER to the prize of having a female commanding officer by a couple of months.  The always-compelling Tim Curry also had a recurring role.  Another familiar faces on the roster were Terry O'Quinn, Roy Dotrice and Richard (MAN IN A SUITCASE) Bradford.  

The first-and-only season of 22 shows is now on DVD. 


  1. Isn't that ad from STARLOG..? They also ran a cover story on the show. Agreed that is wasn't one to keep you watching but it wasn't bad. Also in the cast was the great Clancy Brown, a genre veteran and the subject of a nice article here:


    1. This advert came from a US comic book (I forgot to note which one) rather than STARLOG but it's entirely possible NBC ran it in both.

      Maybe I should give this show another punt... I'll look out for a cheap copy of the box set.


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