Wednesday 27 May 2015

1991: ALIENS Issue 1 (Trident)

From February 1991: the first issue of the first volume of the British ALIENS comic.  

This was part of the turn-of-decade mini-boom in more adult comics fare... and had the bonus of two movie franchises (The Predator was also along for the ride) to help shift copies.

As you might expect, the contents were from the US Dark Horse run.  I read, in one DH title, that these British reprints were unlicensed but it seems unlikely that anyone would risk the double wrath of a US publisher and a major Hollywood studio with a large UK base (in sunny Soho Square) and sister companies with considerable clout and influence within the British media.  

This first volume ran until DH opened their own (ultimately short-lived) British branch and took responsibility for British editions in-house. 

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