Wednesday 20 May 2015

1990: ROBOCOP 2 Movie Adaptation Magazine (Marvel)

From August 1990: Yet another outing (alongside the bookshelf and limited series versions) for Marvel's adaptation of ROBOCOP 2.

This is a done-in-one black-and-white magazine version.  Marvel certainly knew how to make movie adaptations stretch further in those days...

Unlike its predecessor, there was no Marvel UK edition. 


  1. even further proof that the SFX line of specials is far from over !

    Today, I found yet ANOTHER special produced betwixt sfx and total film. This one is titled 100 GREATEST TV SHOWS . Twin Peaks , ( the sequel to which is back on - hurrah ), Orphan black and Star Trek all get a shout out along with many others. A very nice item and well worth buying.

    1. This popped up in London last Friday. I grabbed a copy but (other than play the usual "guess which is Number One" game with my flatmate) I've not really looked at it yet.

      I was struck that, although it was published by SFX and TOTAL FILM, the subject matter didn't really fit either "mother mag".

  2. Surely some of those shows fall under the remit of at least SFX. ?

    The trouble really began when the two sister mags decided to join forces ( and cut costs ).. This means there is now no numbering on the line of specials, in fact the previous fantasy special is also still on the shelves. At least the sfx bookazine has retained the numbering. Even the websites for both mags are identical.


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