Thursday 28 May 2015

1982: SPIDER-MAN Issue 500 (Marvel UK)

From October 1982: MARVEL UK's SPIDER-MAN (the first time that simple-and-to-the-point title was used on the UK weekly) issue 500.

I'm sure I've posted this celebratory issue before (500 issues is nothing to be sniffed at) but I recently stumbled across a copy with the free metal pin badge still attached.  And it only cost me a pound.

So... here it is again...


  1. ok time for the weekly geek stuff round up;

    THE GOOD SOLDIER - finally got this and as you said, it is indeed an excellent package.

    ART OF MAD MAX - I havent yet seen this movie which has garnered rave reviews but judging by the art and pics in this book, it must be good.

    MARVEL PLATINUM - ANT-MAN - to capitalise on the forthcomng moive, a lovely collection of stories and supplementary material. Its strange ( and welcome ) how these uk volumes only seem to cost half as much as their usa counterparts.

    SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN VOL 19 - ok its only in black and white but still great value for so many stories.

    1. I picked-up the UK ANT MAN trade paperback last week (and the recent FANTASTIC FOUR edition second-hand) and it does indeed look an excellent read. Thanks to Panini and the partworks, it definitely feels like the UK is better served - at a cheaper price - when it comes to Marvel reprints and compilations than the States.

      I have spotted that Marvel NY do have a ANT MAN trade paperback on the slate for the near future which, presumably, will overlap some of the same material.

      The new issue of EMPIRE (out yesterday) is yet another "superhero special" (they seem to come along every couple of issues) and boasts a clever ANT MAN cover. I must admit I've not removed the mag from the polybag yet so I have no idea of the contents. An ART OF ANT MAN slipcase book (now the default format for 'making-of' books it seems) is also on the schedule, although these don't normally seem to hit the shelves until around the day the film opens.

      I've started watching AGENT CARTER this week... and I'm greatly enjoying it. It has a refreshing tone and the post-war setting marks it out as unique. An ART OF book is also apparently on the slate, possibly to coincide with season two.

    2. The EMPIRE polybag looks very nice, far better than anything iSFX can manage these days. Time was when every issue of SFX would be polybagged with free stuff. Even though the new issue includes free postcards , they are just inserted loose in the mag. Having said that, they did have a nice polybagged book with the x-men issue last year.

      When you have a look at EMPIRE, you will notice they have re-designed the layout yet AGAIN. Why do they keep doing this ? It never makes the mag look any better and this latest re-do looks awful !

      I've not seen agent carter yet but the art of book has been on my ' must buy ' list for some time now.

      Here's a link to the CINEFANTASTIQUE for Babylon 5:, the cover and some inside pages. Peter Jurasik is very candid about micheal o hare !

    3. Thanks Ed. I have that issue of CINEFANTASTIQUE (it was a must-read magazine at the time... and knocked the space socks off its contemporaries) but I don't remember reading the article. I will have to unearth the issue and have a good read.

      Thanks for the tip-off!

    4. One that you might have missed... there is a new trade paperback based on KNIGHT RIDER out this week. I forgot to mention it. I grabbed it but - true to form - I've not had a chance to look at it yet.

      The same publisher seems to have a new AIRWOLF trade due in the next couple of months.


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