Monday 15 July 2013


It's been a hot weekend in London and everyone has been wearing a little bit less than usual.

Continuing that theme, here's an unusual Marvel UK book from the summer of 1980: the WARRIOR WOMEN SUMMER SPECIAL.

This compendium of scantly-clad she-warriors is pretty atypical of the usual fare from the Annex of Ideas.  And, potentially, bordering on the controversial.  I doubt it did generate any negative reaction but it's the sort of thing that could get mums hot-under-the-colar if they suspected their kids could be being exposed to unnecessary amounts of flesh and violence on the bottom shelf of their local WH Smith.

Maybe Marvel thought this was more likely to appeal to the SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN crowd rather than the readers of their more mainstream weeklies and monthlies.

If the plan was to pilot a potential new launch, it must have been unsuccessful and there was never a follow-up.


  1. After seeing this post I decided to buy a copy on eBay. Not only are there comic strips, but there's a photo feature of 'Warrior Women of the Movies' and the inside of the cover is a pin-up photo poster of several Warrior Women from 1970s' movies.

    The amount of cleavage on display in the photos is quite a bit racier than I'd expect to find in a comics compilation magazine today. Julie Ege even appears topless in this NSFW pic:

    I'm left wondering who it was aimed at. As the article says, mums probably wouldn't be too happy about it. But I do wish comics were like this when I was a kid!

  2. NSFW Julie Ege picture from Warrior Women:

    Julie Ege NSFW


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