Friday 3 October 2014

1980: ROM House Ad (Marvel Comics)

This is a Marvel New York House Ad, from August 1980, for the recently-launched ROM SPACEKNIGHT comic (based, of course, soon-to-be-defunct not-much-action figure.


  1. your recent coverage of deaths head is much appreciated and he is still popping up here and there including an appearance in the new MARVEL SUPERHEROES 2015 ANNUAL...there was also a fair amount of stuff on him in TRANSFORMERS UK VOL 5....speaking of which...slow robot, did you ever collaborate with james roberts on some project..?

    good luck with your future trawls through those dealer boxes..cant wait to see what you uncover !

    1. Hello Ed.

      Good to hear from you.

      As soon as I found out that the DH strip (which, I believe, was one of the last to be produced by Panini before Marvel stopped overseas licensees commissioning their own material) reprint in the MSH ANNUAL I ordered a copy.

      And I adore those IDW volumes of TRANSFORMERS reprints. The strips are great but what really makes them a release day must-have is the supporting features and interviews. They are, by a long margin, the pinnacle of reprint collections (it's all very well some publishers - Marvel, I'm looking at you - producing 1000+ page hardbacks but I much prefer to know the stories behind the stories) and James should be very proud of his work.

  2. Rom didn't kill his enemies, the Dire Wraiths, but banished them to a limbo which was "a fate worse than death" apparently. Then in one issue he got so mad and disgusted at their latest antics that he decides to kill them outright and not bother with limbo so overturning everything he'd said up till then.


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