Monday 13 October 2014


MUTANT MEDIA was a British fanzine (successor to CEREBRO) , edited by Phil Hall, which appeared during the Boom Years of the early 1990s (when Marvel missed no opportunity to spin-off more X-books and scatter guest appearances and cameos across every possible book in the hopes of a sales spike).

The first issue is dated February 1993, the next two are undated.

In those pre-Internet days, these were advertised in the pages of COMICS INTERNATIONAL (and possibly elsewhere as well).  

I wasn't much of an X-Fan at the time (the sheer amount of product was overwhelming and it was obviously Marvel were milking the franchise for every last cent/ pence they possibly could) but I still enjoyed a good fanzine (and - ahem - WIZARD as well) and I found this to be a great read.  MM also benefitted from (presumably) state-of-the-art desktop publishing which certainly made it a more agreeable read.

One handy feature was a 'mutant tracker' which listed the various appearances of the overworked characters in assorted non-core books.  Their M-UK appearances in the GENESIS line were disregarded as peripheral and of little consequence.  

As far as I know, these three outings represent the sum total of the MM offering.  I'm sure, if more had been advertised, I would have ordered them as well.  

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