Wednesday 1 October 2014

1990: DEATH'S HEAD: THE BODY IN QUESTION Graphic Novel (Marvel UK)

DEATH'S HEAD: THE BODY IN QUESTION was an October 1990 original, full colour, graphic novel published by MARVEL UK which also turned-out to be the last significant hurrah of the the original Freelance Peacekeeper before he was dispatched by his successor at the beginning of GENESIS 92.

This Simon Furman/ Geoff Senior collaboration was also serialised in the pages of STRIP, M-UK's ill-fated anthology pitched at the booming (at least if you believed the mainstream media, not-so-much according to the sales figures) market for comics-for-grown-ups.  

Apparently Furman was working on a four-issue DH limited series when Paul Neary returned to the Annex of Ideas.  Neary was no fan of DH (he publicly stuck the knife in during an interview published in COMIC WORLD here) but, because it was already planned, couldn't abandon the project entirely… so he handed it over to a new creative team to be 'retooled' for the new decade.

THE BODY IN QUESTION is included in Panini's compilation of DH's non-Transformers adventures.

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