Tuesday 28 October 2014

1993: CYBERSPACE 3000 in COMIC WORLD (Marvel UK)

More MARVEL UK goodness from the GENESIS EXPLOSION period: a rare bit of not-DHII action: COMIC WORLD issue 15 (Mat 1993) reporting on the impending launch of the new SF title CYBERSPACE 3000.

This strip (not to be confused with the similarly named, also-in-space, SEEKER 3000 which was resurrected during the nineties) won't be familiar to readers of OVERKILL because, like many of the explosion titles, it never made it into the UK comic.  

Despite being set in the distant future, the British Bullpen still managed to figure out ways to incorporate members of the established roster of cosmic characters.

The writer was Gary Russell, one time editor of DWM and, in a previous life, Dick in the late Seventies FAMOUS FIVE TV show (now on DVD... and worth getting for some undemanding nostalgia). 

The title eventually notched-up eight issues before ending (rather suddenly as I recall) at the end of the year.

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