Friday 3 October 2014

1985: 2000AD MONTHLY (US) Issue 1 (Eagle Comics)

This stunning Brian Bolland cover launched the US edition of 2000AD MONTHLY (not to be confused with the, also reprint-diven, UK BEST OF 2000AD MONTHLY which allowed IPC to plunder its own vaults), a 'spin-off' from Eagle Comics' successful Judge Dredd title.

Unsurprisingly, a serialised reprint of JD's Cursed Earth encounter with The Black Plague topped the bill to attract readers to what was otherwise something of an unknown quantity.  Previous attempts to ship copies of the original weekly across the Atlantic hadn't met with much success although they do seem to have piqued the interest of US publishers who promptly snapped-up the services of the Art and Script Droids.  

The remaining two strips, all published in colour and reformatted to remove the tell-tale UK chapter breaks, were DR and Quinch Go Straight and Strontium Dog in Death's Head (no relation).

This was the first of a six issue run, cover-dated April 1985.  The title returned as an ongoing series, once again under Eagle Comics' auspices, the following year and survived, albeit retooled, the transfer to Quality Comics.

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