Wednesday 15 October 2014


From April 1985, a House Ad for that year's EAGLE HOLIDAY SPECIAL.


  1. slow robot, one of the many knock on effects of your blog has been to increase my intrest in TRANSFORMERS....apart from the uk volumes, there is also a superb new book from IDW called TRANSFORMERS LEGACY which i have just purchased...this covers all of the toy artwork from the 80's onwards and its a real feast for the eyes...make sure you get a copy !

    also its amazing what you can stumble upon just trawling ebay....I recently discovered a uk star trek mag called FINAL FRONTIER by you ever remember seeing / buying this back in the 90's ?

  2. it seems that trident also published a seperate uk STAR TREK comic magazine at the same time

  3. Hi Ed

    Thanks for seeing the TRANSFORMERS LEGACY book… and thinking of me. I grabbed my copy on Wednesday lunchtime! It's a lovely book and a real memory jogger.

    I have some issues of FINAL FRONTIER although I've boxed them away without scanning them. From memory, it started off reprinting Trek related articles from the US Starlog magazine (presumably under license… although the deal may have been with Starlog Press rather than Paramount). Later issues seemed to abandon that relationship and ran exceedingly superficial original articles. Trident also seemed to be operating a Trek merchandise mail order business and (like Sunday Sport plugging products from other parts of the porn empire) FF's mission seemed to be mainly to accommodate those ads.

    I think Trident published two regular Trek comics, filling the gap where Marvel UK left off. One reprinted ST-TNG strips, the other Classic Trek. Both titles pulled their material from the DC run. I'm not sure how long they lasted although I think the Kirk-era one was more successful. Trident also reprinted INDIANA JONES, TERMINATOR and ALIENS in British comics… at least until Dark Horse International opened for business. I recall reading, in a Dark Horse guide that they published themselves, that the Trident runs were unauthorised although, to be honest, that seems unlikely given their longevity.

  4. thats exactly when i bought mine ! my forbidden planet branch only had the one copy so it was a no-brainer really. and im just returning the favour since you originally alerted me to the existence of these classic reprints here:

    it made me realise how asleep i'd been and that i was letting all of these cool items slip through my fingers.. .' forewaRned is forearmed ' as the saying goes.

    Im not sure if trident published a next gen comic, I'll have to do more research although the classic trek comic does state they had the license so they seemed to be authorized. For some reason trident changed their name to phoenix press during this run. As I heard once in a movie: " research is where the joy lies " ..very true.

  5. there was indeed a next gen comic published under phoenix press, you can see some covers here:


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