Friday 31 October 2014

1998: SEEKER 3000 PREMIERE (Marvel US)

Marvel were reviving anything that looked half-way commercial during the nineties (there's a great delight in trawling through the 50p boxes and nabbing first issues of series that I, and everyone else, had no idea had ever been published) and SEEKER 3000, a one-shot Star Trek-alike from Marvel Preview was no exception.  

Ahead of a new limited series (which, I must confess, I have not read although I'm fairly sure I have copies somewhere), Marvel dusted off the strip's one-and-only previous outing from the 1970s.  

In addition to the spiffing new cover (front and rear), the back pages of the June 1998 edition also ran this three page background piece to the revival.

British readers may recognize the strip (not to be confused with the similarly named CYBERSPACE 3000 from Marvel UK's Genesis line, published in 1993) from two outings in quick succession... STAR WARS WEEKLY and FUTURE TENSE. 

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