Thursday 2 October 2014


The original DEATH'S HEAD was hardly favour-of-the-month with Paul Neary (hence his swift despatch in the first issue of the DEATH'S HEAD II limited series) but, under pressure to get more DH-branded books onto the shelves whilst the character was red hot (to use the WIZARD MAGAZINE parlance), he conceded to a twelve-issue rerun of the original's post-TRANSFORMERS (the rights to which, Marvel had already conceded) adventures.  DOCTOR WHO readers take note: his encounters with the Time Lord were amongst the reprints.  

Rather than simply rehash the originals, the series also used a brand-new linking sequence (which normally appeared as bookends to each reprint) which also allowed for the sales-boosting incorporation of appearances by his successor.  Each issue also had a newly-comissioned cover.

This is a THE INCOMPLETE DEATH'S HEAD House Ad, published in the US GENESIS 92 books, from February 1993, trumpeting the launch of the series.  

Ironically, the year-long run meant that the finale appeared just before the GENESIS IMPLOSION sunk the whole shebang.  

The original DH strips have been reprinted in trade paperback form by Panini but the DHII-era wraparound have never been reprinted.  

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