Wednesday 8 October 2014

1986: 2000AD MONTHLY (Volume 2) Issue 1 (Eagle Comics)

Another stunning Brian Bolland cover adorned the first issue of Eagle Comic's April 1986 revival (following the previous year's successful limited series) of the US version of 2000AD MONTHLY.

This time, the all-reprint (albeit resized, coloured and reworked to remove unnecessary chapter breaks) was Judge Anderson, D.R. & Quinch and Skizz (Alan Moore overload!).

This version survived only four issues under the Eagle Comics banner before, now in the care of Quality Comics, it was rebooted (although with the same numbering) as 2000AD PRESENTS from issue 5.

The page count was expanded to 52 pages from the 7th issue, adding space (ahem) for reprints of the 2000AD incarnation of Dan Dare.

Various changes in publisher and format followed.  The name changed again, to 2000AD SHOWCASE, from the 25th issue and shuttered after 54 editions in 1990.  

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