Tuesday 28 October 2014

1991: NIGHTCAT One-shot (Marvel USA)

Marvel, bless 'em, can (from time-to-time) be relied upon to take the licensing Dollar without too much regard for the end product (hello NFL SUPERPRO... which, presumably because that's what the contract demanded, clocked-up a twelve issue run in 1991-92) and here is one such example: NIGHTCAT.

Sometimes these deals spawn something that's really rather good and runs-and-runs (ROM!) and sometimes they give us long-forgotten 'gems' like this.  

DAZZLER was (of course) the spawn of a (flawed) tie-up with (briefly booming) Casablanca Records with grand plans to launch a fictional character who could conquer comics, music and movies.  They got 1/3rd of it nailed.  Nightcat was a April 1991 attempt to replicate the formula.  Dazzler ran for 43 issues, a graphic novel and sundry subsequent appearances.  Nightcat appeared... errr... once.

This was a bookshelf/ Dark Knight/ Prestige format one-shot (written by none other than Stan Lee which must make it worthy of some modest attention) which can be relied upon to occasionally surface in the 50p boxes.  Go on... grab a copy.  

I've never heard the album (which, presumably, shifted as many copies as this did... or possibly less as I doubt Stan was part of the line-up) but I'm sure it rocks... in an early nineties kinda way...


  1. Wasn't the costume for Nightcat designed for Jim Lee? I seem to remember a big deal being made of that at the time.

  2. Hmmm... I'm not sure. There must have been a MARVEL AGE puff piece to accompany this... I'll see if I can unearth it sometime...


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