Monday 13 October 2014

1986: SAM SLADE ROBO HUNTER Issue 1 (Quality Comics)

This is the first issue of SAM SLADE ROBO HUNTER, another of the early Quality Comics vehicles repackaging old 2000AD strips for the US market.

Cover-dated October 1986, this formed part of the initial phalanx of QC launches which debuted a couple of months after Dez Skinn's company took over the franchise from Eagle Comics.  The IPC/ Titan partnership had previously piloted a Robo Hunter title with a five-issue series in 1984.

Slade's debut adventure this time out was a coloured reprint of The Beast of Blackheart Manor (a fun riff on Sherlock Holmes, Sweeney Todd and numerous country house killings) originally seen in progs 259 - 265 of the weekly.

The back-up strip was, as the cover suggests, Ro-Busters, a strip Tharg inherited from the departing STARLORD.  

This eventually notched-up a 31 issue run, ending in 1989.  

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