Monday 27 October 2014

1986: JUDGE DREDD Issue 1 (Quality Comics)

Credit to Dez Skinn for selecting a stonking JD tale to kick off the Quality Comics run of JUDGE DREDD reprints.  QC had already spent a couple of months packaging-up the last of the 35-issue EAGLE COMICS incarnation before rebooting with this new first issue (cover-dated October 1986).

It's a shame that Dez dispensed with the iconic services of Brian Bolland (who, presumably, found no shortage of alternative job offers) but, overall, the early Quality issues were - indeed - pretty good quality.  

It didn't last long however... the printing and production standards started to deteriorate and the end results looked murky and slapdash.  At which point, Dez parted company with the business and - sure enough - the quality fell through into the Undercity. 

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