Tuesday 28 October 2014


This is another MARVEL UK 'What If?"... but this one actually happened.  

The British Bullpen, as this Ad shows, were planning to launch CLANDESTINE (which, along with LOOSE CANNONS, would have gone a long way to rebuilding their tarnished reputation after the dash for market share put quantity over quality) in January 1994.

The four-parter was caught-up in the Genesis Massacre that engulfed the line at the end of the year but, unlike its stablemates, it did emerge as part of the US line later in the year (the 'Genesis Aftermath').  And as a regular series.

Davis departed his own creation after the eighth issue, leaving it in the care of Glen Dakin (and ex M-UK artists Rinaldi and Hitch) for the next four issues before it shuttered.  Davis, who returned to the team in 1996, subsequently dismissed the Dakin stories as a dream.

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