Friday 31 October 2014


Happy Halloween from STARLOGGED!  To mark the occasion, here's a MARVEL UK SPIDER-MAN cover so good... they used it twice!

Its first outing, during the ongoing Hobgoblin storyline, was in (unseasonal) March 1983 (issue 525) but the British Bullpen dusted it down again two years later.  

SPIDEY COMIC, unloved last incarnation of the long-lived weekly, recycled it for their Halloween edition... and it works rather well.  The hook was a text story inside which reused the art again and built a new tale around it.  I must confess... I have never read it.

Spidey survived Halloween but barely made it to Christmas.  The final issue was 666 (appropriate!), published in December. 

I can't see any signature on the art so I'm not sure who to credit.  Good job however.

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