Friday 10 October 2014


A MARVEL UK House Ad, from November 1992, touting the launch of the new DOCTOR WHO CLASSIC COMICS four-weekly.

The DWM companion, which ran for 27 regular issues, reprinted strips, dating back to the early sixties, from TV COMIC, COUNTDOWN, TV ACTION, Marvel's own WHO comic/ magazine and the Daleks strips from TV21.  

The ninth issue reprinted Dell Comics' adaptation of the first Peter Cushing Dalek movie.

The British strips, which were usually originally published in black & white, were specially coloured by Marvel for this run.  This was partly to appease retailer WH Smith who felt a black & white comic based on a defunct TV show would be a sales non-starter.

The Marvel strips were recoloured and not imported versions of the strips that ran, a decade earlier, in the US DW comic.

DWCC also spawned a couple of branded (and unbranded) one-shots: 

The 1993 Autumn Special "reprinted" the Evening's Empire strip which had previously been slated to appear (in b&w) in the regular magazine but was abandoned after only the first chapter.  The remaining instalments appeared here for the first time.  the entire story was presented in colour.

1994's THE DALEK CHRONICLES reprinted (for the first and only time) the entire two-year run of the Dalek solo strips from TV21.  

Another 1994 one-shot, DOCTOR WHO: AGE OF CHAOS wasn't a reprint but packaged-up the Colin Baker penned mini-series originally announced as part of the defunct GENESIS line of US-format titles.  

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