Wednesday 22 October 2014

1992: STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION Issue 2 (Phoenix)


After MARVEL UK fumbled the STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION ball by misjudging the market with their fortnightly/ monthly, Phoenix stepped in with this compilation of DC reprints in late 1992.

I don't know much about Phoenix (who may, or may not, have evolved out of the Trident operation that had been repackaging Dark House material, apparently with some success, like THE TERMINATOR and ALIENS) and I'm not sure how long this venture ran for.  Although, for some reason, I seem to think this title was surprisingly (considering the TV show was still airing in the UK) short-lived.

There was also a contemporary magazine, FINAL FRONTIER, that started out reprinting articles from the US editions of STARLOG but eventually settled down to running lots of photos (and adverts for merchandise sold via mail order by the publisher... possibly the real motivation for keeping the title going) and sketchy articles and making it clear that Paramount had nothing to do with the venture.

There was another comic-based title, focused on Classic Trek, that once again drew from the DC run of the license.  

The reprints in this second issue (if I have the first... I don't have it to hand) hail from the third DC TNG Annual (The Broken Moon), The Modala Imperative mini-series (which combined classic and TNG in a not-possible-on-screen adventure) and another outing (M-UK had already used it) of the opening installment of the DC limited series, created before the show had aired (and, at times, it shows). 

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  1. I think I called it a day with this book when the Enterprise met Santa Claus.

    This was not as awesome as it probably sounds.


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